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Fertilizer market to date 10/24/2014

Ure particles:
Pusri: 290 dollars / tonne fob China: 1,580 yuan / ton
1 World markets:
Occasion: Urea market is somewhat bleaker past by Chinese National Day holiday from 1/10 – 7/10. However, in some countries still place bids activities / sell new urea, but not large orders and low price.
On 7/10, 2 * Perserco tender to sell 5,000 tons of urea particles in Pusri. Starting price offered at 290 dollars / tonne fob, plummeted 30 dollars / ton.
China market: In the Chinese market, after the National Day holiday seems to have a more positive signs, some manufacturers have adjusted prices rose about 20-30 yuan / ton compared to the time before vacation ceremony. Urea prices in Shandong at 1,590 yuan / ton – up 30 yuan / ton.
2 The domestic market:
Tran Xuan Soan market: Prices of fertilizer fairly stable this week. Particularly Phu My Urea prices have increased slightly and Ca Mau 30-50 / kg at week 6/10, to 7850-8200 dong / kg and 7600-7750 dong / kg.
The afternoon of 9/10, Ca Mau has a new command, price unchanged at 7,450 VND / kg at the factory.
DPM urea market: 7850-8200 / kg
Ure China (Chinese – English): 7400-7450 / kg
Ca Mau Urea: 7620-7750 / kg urea Ninh Binh: 7350-7400 / kg
Mekong Region: fertilizer demand is low mainly scattered to fertilize crops and crop Late Winter in some localities. Commodity prices remain relatively stable manure. Why should poetry, Chinese ships Ure 2000-3000 tonnes were landed. Ure commodity prices generally stable.
Urea price to sell at warehouse level 1:
Phu My Urea: 7900-8000 / kg urea Ninh Binh: 7650-7700 / kg
Ure China: 7650-7700 / kg
Central Area – Highlands fertilizer demand is quite low in most provinces. Meanwhile, inventories at warehouses Ure agents still quite large. Accordingly, Phu My Urea prices this week has been adjusted down 50-100 / kg. Price of Phu My urea level 1 agent offered to supply two ranges between 7950-8000 dong / kg.
Phu My Urea: 7950-8000 / kg
Urea Indonesia: 7600-7700 / kg
– Every ship docked Hai Phong; On 1/10 with 2 ships Ure China imported 600 tons / vessel.

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