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President meets business delegation typical 2014

Entrepreneur Day celebrations Vietnam (13/10), dated 11/10, at the Presidential Palace, President Truong Tan Sang met with over 100 entrepreneurs represent Vietnam in 2014, Chairman and Chief Director of Agricultural Materials Corporation (Apromaco) honored Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung attended the meeting.

President and all 100 typical entrepreneur of the country.

President reports on the activities of the business community in Vietnam, President Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam Vu Tien Loc stating, in May 9, 2014, there were 53,000 new businesses formed, 11 872 have now resumed, 48 330 enterprises have difficulty forced to dissolve or cease operations. In the context of intense competition, the rate of profit making enterprises has increased from 29.7% to 32.9%. Most of the proposals and problems of the enterprises ministries addressed. Many localities have set up a hotline between local leaders and businesses to remove difficulties.
In the intimate atmosphere, the participants proposed to facilitate the President to remove obstacles to business difficulties of administrative procedures, tax incentives; create equality between large corporations to small and medium enterprises. They also asked the government to continue to improve the business environment through text editing systems business law, with a roadmap for increasing the minimum wage for workers rights to ensure harmony benefits to employees and to maintain the competitiveness of enterprises. In addition, the State should adjust credit standards in corporate policies to reach. Along with strengthening the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam in the review, monitoring, many participants suggested transferring some services to the business associations assume it deems appropriate.
Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung – Chairman, CEO Apromaco with some typical entrepreneur and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vu Tien Loc, Vietnam at the Presidential Palace.

The typical entrepreneur in the area of the Presidential Palace
Chairman of the Board, General Director Nguyen Tien Dung Apromaco in the meeting of the President with 100 typical entrepreneur.
After listening to the speech participants, State President Truong Tan Sang said that the country’s economy is in the most difficult period after innovation. Although there are still many problems, but the quality of the production efficiency of an enterprise business improved. Of business confidence in the business environment has been recovered. President said that in the next 5 years, Vietnam entered a period of full integration. Context of fierce competition forced Vietnam to commodity quality assurance, Vietnam enterprises converge more powerful internal forces can compete with counterparts from the larger economy. Recorded and shared with the recommendations of the business, the President proposed the ministries, sectors and localities to continue to support, creating the best conditions for enterprises to recover and grow. President said that enterprises should establish channels of communication through newspapers and electronic networking site to express, timely suggestions and problems with the Party and State.

The group of businessman typical manufacturing business has a good record in photography organization VCCI and Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vietnam at the Presidential Palace

Human Vietnam Business Day, the President proposed business community continue to develop its role as pillars in the period of industrialization and modernization, contributing to the Party and the State to raise the strength of the economy putting our country out of the middle income trap to become rich and powerful. /.

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